Today is the last day of my twenties. What?!

As I look back on the last decade I feel honored, proud, and hopeful. On a lovely hike around Woods Canyon Lake, some friends prayed for me and spoke words of encouragement over me.img_8068

It was on that hike that I realized it had been exactly ten years since I first encountered the freedom and power of the Holy Spirit.


In the last decade of following the Spirit, I have seen some glorious things.

  • I remember watching one of my best friends in college receive the Holy Spirit at a prayer tent on campus. She couldn’t stop smiling!
  • I remember God healing one of my classmates. She had torn her ACL and a week later she had no brace and didn’t have to have surgery!
  • I’ve traveled to five continents and a total of thirty countries.
  • I’ve met some of the most courageous, most honorable, and most humble people despite their circumstances.
  • I remember watching people get set free from bitterness and resentment…being filled with overflowing joy and love.
  • I remember crying A LOT over my weakness and brokenness.
  • I remember those deep sighs of relief because of God’s kindness toward me and the ways he healed wounds in my heart I didn’t even know were there.
  • I remember God miraculous providing bath mats and bed skirts and kitchen utensils and large debts.
  • I’ve had the incredible privilege to lead men and women who are changing the world for the sake of love and making disciples of Christ.
  • I remember crying in my car realizing that God is my father and he takes care of me…right before he got me out of a terrible financial situation at my apartment complex.
  • I remember when my iPad was stolen in New York…I prayed and it was miraculously returned to me.
  • I’ve seen God heal ankles, backs, headaches, knees, relationships and hearts.
  • I’ve met people who have been healed of cancer.
  • I’ve seen people set free of demonic torment.
  • I’ve seen whole families discover Jesus and commit their life to him.
  • I have found friends who love deeply and forgive generously.
  • I found a man who patiently and wholly pursues my heart.

I could keep going! My twenties have been a gift that has broken me and shaped me. I am absolutely full of gratitude and appreciation. I’m thankful for my family members who have been my constant cheerleaders and always gracious with my process.

Now as I pass this threshold out of my twenties and into my thirties, my goal is to risk more boldly, to believe more fiercely, and to love with greater passion. I hope to do justice to the glorious life I have been given in Christ and carry his banner high.

Let’s do this thing.


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