One Year Later

Yesterday was my ONE YEAR anniversary of living in Phoenix.


In the midst of reading 42 thousand books, writing pages upon pages of school papers, sweating profusely in  115 degree summers, making new friends, crying on my floor, feeling lonely, going to different churches, getting fit at boot camp, training for a half marathon, playing with my niece and nephew, and eating a hot breakfast made by my brother-in-law every morning — I am home.

I wouldn’t trade all my years of travel but it feels good to be home. The seasons of life are mysterious and beautiful.

Now that I have one year of Arizona life under my belt, I wanted to share how it all began…

(it may be 14 minutes long…but it’s entertaining nonetheless)


4 thoughts on “One Year Later

  1. Loved the video!!! Just affirmed that you are definitely one of my most favorite people ever!! And I am ridiculously happy that you are in the same state as me!! Of course, having you in the same house as me was always better, but, I’ll take what I can get!! I love you, happy one year!

  2. 1. You two are adorable. And hilarious. And B-A for those hikes!

    2. I really miss you, Bethany. Watching this reminded me just how blessed I was to have gotten to share time (and space) with you. The Spirit is alive in you – THAT is for certain.

    3. Happy one year!

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