My Nomadic Heart

I’ve been stationary for 6 months now. I will continue to be planted and unmoved for at least a couple more years. My last trip overseas was in February. My next one doesn’t exist yet.

There is so much peace in this season and I’m confident that I am intentionally placed here and settled here. But my nomadic heart still beats in my chest and my hunger for culture and travel and adventure lingers. I love that I can find almost any culture and people group in this city and that adventure is not far from me in any sense.

But there is still so much that I miss.

Although I don’t miss sleeping under a mosquito net half naked praying for the electricity to turn back on so I could catch a tiny bit of breeze from the fan…I do miss drinking milk tea and eating dal with Uncle and Brothers in Nepal.

I miss the people I met in Thailand and Cambodia who felt like old friends. Plus, Thai iced coffee for $1 and delicious meals for $2.
I miss playing and laughing with the kids in India.
I miss Johnson and his kind hospitality.
I miss Alma and her “chima” chalk to keep ants away.

I miss the beautiful people of Swaziland. My heart aches with longing when I hear their voices and see their faces. I have a recording on my phone of children singing in Siswati and listening to it fills my mind with thoughts of plane tickets to South Africa and a short bus ride into Swaziland.

I know that I won’t stay put forever. I’ve realized that in the same way that the call to go overseas is not for everyone, the call to stay in America (or home) isn’t for everyone. For this season, I am happy and I am thankful to serve God in my own country.

But OH how my soul longs for the nations!


3 thoughts on “My Nomadic Heart

  1. There are always things to learn even in the “staying” or “waiting” times in our lives. Our calling is to Jesus no matter where we currently reside and through prayers to our Father we can lift up the people of the nations to him. Be encouraged as you rest in the Giver of our days.

  2. Bethany! I love you and am so thankful to have been able to share so many of those places and memories with you! I have been fighting the exact same thing within my own heart – “staying” is much more challenging than others would think. For most, it is normal and “going” is the rarity or occasional. But for those of us with nomadic hearts, hearts made to explore and experience and literally MOVE wherever the Spirit leads, staying is the most difficult of disciplines. Praying for continued peace for you beautiful heart and claiming it for my own as well. Sending hugs!

  3. Bethany,

    I feel like I’m in the exact same boat as you! Let me know if your ever near Chicago, would love to see you!

    Thanks for inspiring me and so many more with your writing, heart, and life!

    Your friend in Christ,


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