I’ve been on this kick of learning how to love myself and I’ve realized a few other things. These thoughts are from February but I am continually learning how to allow myself to be loved.

It’s a lot easier to love myself, when I am loved. When I feel love, affirmation and validation, I feel the freedom and permission to love myself. I think this works with the people in my life who make me feel loved, but ultimately they can’t fulfill my need for love.

By nature people are selfish and focused on their own ambitions and needs. At least, I know that I am. There will come a point when they cannot fill my love tank enough to sustain a security in my worth and value. And without that security, it becomes much more difficult to love myself. Because I can convince myself of something for so long…like the thought that I am worth it and that I am lovely, but only once that belief is confirmed by others is it strong enough to last and transform the way I see myself.

There is one whom I have been told about. This one’s love doesn’t expire or fail. This one does nothing from selfish gain or ambition. He created mankind with the only agenda of loving them outrageously.

And when we are loved outrageously and we believe wholeheartedly that we are loved, we can begin to love ourselves and believe that we are worthy.

This creator God who loves outrageously hasn’t failed me yet. But in my lowest moments and my most desperate circumstances, he has shown me his love and I have known it.

If you want to start a journey to loving yourself, first be loved by Love himself.

3 thoughts on “BeLOVED

  1. Bethany, I love when you share your heart, you inspire me!

    Please listen to the song called arms wide open by Misty Edwards!

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