“God, I’m fat…”

I hear women say this to me almost every day. Beautiful, healthy women look in the mirror and instinctively say what they do not like about their bodies. They aren’t even talking to me, I’m just the sales lady handing them different bras to try on and making sure they’re wearing the right size. But they’ll sigh deeply and say, “I need to lose weight.”

It honestly breaks my heart. I don’t know how to communicate to these women that they are perfect just the way they are. And the unrealistic ideals that media feeds us is what causes us to not only think poorly about ourselves but to speak mean and hurtful words to ourselves. We are our worst critic about our bodies.

There isn’t one perfect size or one flawless shape.

As I’m learning to love myself, I am actively making the effort to think kind thoughts about myself, speak kind words to myself and appreciate what makes me who I am. I’m going to stop saying that I’m 5’9″ when I’m really probably 5’10”. I’m going to love my small boobs and big butt. I don’t want to get upset when my skin breaks out or try to live to this standard of what the world says is perfect and feminine and desirable.

A wonderful woman said to me “Love yourself as you love your neighbor.” I think we can also say “Treat yourself as you would want others to be treated.”

Because if we actually loved ourselves and treated ourselves kindly…how easy would it be to fulfill the second greatest commandment and the golden rule?

Think about it, if most people literally loved others as they love themselves or treated others the way they treat themselves, it would be incredibly rude and offensive. The average woman would not consistently tell another woman she is fat or ugly or stupid. But she will unconsciously say those things to herself in the mirror.

Women and young girls, men and young guys…be kind to yourself.  I pray that when you look in the mirror today, you would see how valuable you are. You are worth loving and you are beautiful.

Enjoy this video…


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