Is it New Year’s again? (Unmet expectations of 2014)

2014 is over after tomorrow. This year was nothing that I expected it to be!

1) I expected to go on a date every month: I got 7 out of 12. The other 5 months I was leading a bunch of missionaries who aren’t allowed to date so I thought I should probably not date either…you know, for them.

2) I expected to stay in Georgia: I only stayed for six months AND THEN, I decided to pack up all my stuff and move out of a house I love, away from my closest friends, and spend five months with 43 strangers.

3) I expected to celebrate my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary and rejoice at God’s faithfulness in their life and marriage. The legacy they have built for me in the spirit gave me such excitement to share this special day with them. However, my flight was delayed in Johannesburg causing me to miss my connecting flight in Abu Dhabi. So…I spent my 28th birthday in the United Arab Emirates and missed the anniversary party by about 10 hours. I cried in the airport but also had a memorable 28th birthday…you win some, you lose some.

4) I’m not going to lie…last year on my birthday I expected to be in a relationship by this time. Alas, I’m not. And I’m reminded every time I go home for the holidays. An older lady at my parents church looked at me with sad and longing eyes and asked, “Have you met anyone…you know, special?” I’ve learned to smile and move on but I wanted to tell her it was none of her business. I’VE NEVER TALKED TO YOU, LADY. Just because you know my grandparents, doesn’t mean you know me. Okay, rant over. But all in all, I’m truly not disappointed. Sure I have days when it feels incredibly hopeless and I don’t think I’ll ever meet a man my age who is normal and single. I want him to be awesome too but on those hopeless days, you can’t reach too far! Other days, I’m at complete peace and confident for the man God has for me. I know he is freaking amazing and passionate and caring and kind and generous and hot and then some. AND I am so thankful for everything I experienced this year because I was single! I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

5) I feel like I need a fifth expectation that didn’t happen for me because 5 is better than 4. Or is it? Well, I can’t think or something else that didn’t happen as I expected but I can think of one that did. I expected God to be faithful and to carry me. HE DID. Gosh, he always does! He’s so good to me and he took such good care of me this year. And with that, I am confidently walking into 2015 knowing that God is walking with me and he is directing my steps. He asks me to be brave, he asks me to surrender, he asks me to love. And every time I do, it’s worth it.

🍻 Here’s to 2015, a year filled with GOODNESS.



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