How Joseph Saved Christmas

On my last night in South Africa, I celebrated Christmas with my WR squad. We sang songs, ate cookies and read the story of Jesus’ birth. As we were reading about this groundbreaking event in history, one part stuck out to me more than ever before.

It was about Joseph.

Mary gets tons of credit (rightfully so, she was a champ). But if you really think about it, God put more responsibility and risk on Joseph. Joseph was the one who carried the lineage of David. His involvement in Christ’s birth was a vital piece to the fulfillment of ancient prophecies about the Messiah. Pregnant Mary without Joseph could not have accomplished the purposes of God nor experienced the promises of God.

The Spirit can fall on anyone and work miracles like an immaculate conception. But only a man within himself can choose to obey God. Joseph made that decision.

Joseph could have said no. He could have chosen fear (of the unknown, of societal pressures, of the opinion of man…) but he chose to obey the angel Gabriel and believe him at his word.

His decision partnered with God’s plan in a way that required free will and choice. God could not control Joseph’s answer. And yet God rests the entirety of Christ’s fulfillment to scripture on this one man.

God still has faith in humanity. He still has faith in you.

What decisions do you need to make with your own free will to bring about the purposes and promises of God on the earth? Decisions that will not only affect you but those closest to you and future generations. It’s time to change history with our decisions. This Christmas, let us be like Joseph and decide to refuse fear courageously obey God.


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