I’ve decided to stop trying to be like Jesus

Last month, I listened to someone share their desires to be more like Jesus. It sounds noble. It sounds like what we as Christians should say. But I found myself feeling exhausted and fatigued after her words.

And without thinking I responded by saying, “You know, I am just at a point where I’m done trying to be like Jesus…I just want to be with him.”

It takes a lot of effort to try and be like Jesus. I mean, come on…he was freaking perfect. I am not.¬†Mary of Bethany never tried to be like Jesus, she just sat at his feet. She just loved him.

I’m finding that I have more Christlike qualities and characteristics when I stop trying to be like Jesus and start being with him.

According to heaven, I am already like him (1 John 4:17;  Ephesians 2:6). So why would I struggle to make that more true than it already is? As if I even could make that more true by my effort and striving.

As I am with him, I become like him – and what is true in heaven becomes true on earth.

This is what it looks like to establish his Kingdom and cause heaven to come to earth. Just being with him. My only goal is to behold the glory of The Lord – and in that be transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another (2 Corinthians 3:18). It’s a natural progression, not anything I can create. To become like him, I must behold him.

Is it hard for you to enjoy the presence of God without feeling like you have to bring him something? Like you need to display all you’ve done to be like him and earn your place before him?

Yeah, me too sometimes. But then I remember that it was HIM who invited me to come and he welcomes me, expecting nothing.

Be at rest with God. Be at peace with him. And do not delay being with him. It’s the only safe place, the only trustworthy place to be.