Let me clarify…

I feel the need to clarify some things regarding my New Year’s resolution.  In case you didn’t hear about it, I took a challenge to go on a date every month of the year in order to meet new people.

Here’s 5 things that I’d like to be clear about:

1. Initiating a conversation and meeting new people IS NOT PURSUING.  

2. I do not intend to lower my standards just because I’m going on dates.

3. I don’t plan on settling for less than I know I deserve.  I know that I’m worthy.

4. I am not dissatisfied or discontent with the love of God. He will always be my first love.

5. I pray everyday that God would be at the center of it all…for real I’m not trying to control it.

I think that too often we assume that God wants us to be passive observers who wait for him to put everything in our lap.  I just don’t think he’s like that at all!  It’s good to wait on God but we also have a part to play, action to take and decisions to make…he’s not going to do it all. If you think that God makes all of your decisions for you, where’s the freedom in that? (Not to mention, all those bad decisions you’ve made…probably wasn’t God, right?) Relationships are no different than any other decision you make in life and by going on a few dates, I am in no way removing God from the equation, I am just partnering with him.

Also, the whole point of this resolution is to stop living in fear.  How many times do we overanalyze and freeze in our tracks because of fear?  TOO OFTEN.  I wonder if we use the excuse of ‘waiting on God’ to stay buried in our fear of action. I’m done with that…I’d rather risk and fail than be crippled by fear.

It’s amazing how we are either offended or inspired by a call to action.  Especially a call to action for us women, because you know we are just supposed to stay quiet, at home, knitting on the couch hoping that a big strong man will do everything for us. Lord, have mercy.

I’m sorry but I just don’t buy it.

I hope I made myself clear and that those who might make assumptions or judgments would learn a little bit more about me.  I also hope that more people take risks this year and do things they’ve never done before!  Fear no longer has a voice here!


9 thoughts on “Let me clarify…

  1. Atta girl!!!!
    You take dem risks and go out on some dates.
    I applaud you in this and know that God is gonna teach you a crap load through it.
    I love your boldness and courage.
    NO FEAR!

  2. I love it! And I think your intentions came through loud and clear in the last blog. 🙂 I am on the inspired side. Miss you lady!

  3. You go. Stretch. Get uncomfortable. Meet new people. Try new things. Don’t let the opinions of people who don’t understand your heart hold you back. You might make mistakes but that’s how you learn.

  4. Love it! Did from the beginning. I’d beg to say that the general christian today has a crazy and twisted view of dating anyways. It makes me wanna slap some people. I’m with you. Risk it all and have fun while doing it. The Lord can honor that too! 🙂

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