Being a grown up isn’t so bad

A week and a half ago, I turned 27 years old.  A year ago, I put on my big girl pants and started paying for my own car insurance, health insurance, and cell phone.  I guess you could say I’m a grown up.


Growing up seems to have this dread attached to it that suggests your life becomes mundane and boring.  It’s laced with fear of being trapped, lost and living a life void of any adventure.

My very short grown up experience so far has been anything but that.

I live around the kind of people who bring their 6 week old baby out camping in the woods.  I watch married couples who not only dream up crazy adventures but actually live out those dreams together.  I learn from parents and grandparents who travel the world, own businesses, and pursue God with contagious passion. When that’s what growing up looks like, I’m excited and hopeful!

Today our house celebrated Christmas together.  I felt very grown up.  We made breakfast and exchanged Secret Santa gifts.  Then we had some real heart to heart conversations.  We were vulnerable with each other and we were reminded again that community isn’t always easy.  It calls for maturity, higher standards, and sacrifice…but it’s worth it.

So I’m thinking that being a grown up isn’t so bad. It’s actually full of adventure, risk, and reward.



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