Living the Dream

Sometimes I forget that I am living my dream. But that is what I am doing.  I am following the Lord into the mystery of his goodness and there is no limitation to the greatness that he has planned for my life. I am not bound to anything but the lover of my soul..and in him my soul is free.


I just finished my 8th World Race training camp, and it was by-far one of my favorites. Before my eyes, I saw people receive emotional and physical healing.  I saw demons cast out. I witnessed the impact of the wounds and tragic despair from which so many in my generation have been rescued. And I saw the love of a good Father tangibly fall on his children as they believed for the first time that they are worthy of his love.

This is my life. And this is what I read about in the Bible. 

I had almost forgotten.  I had almost stopped believing that this is normal. There had been a disconnect between my head and my heart. I talked about this stuff, but rarely saw it.  I preached about it, but doubted often. After this week, I can’t deny it. I can’t deny God’s desire to be so intimate with his creation that he would be bring healing, comfort and deliverance.

This week I heard stories upon stories that broke my heart.  The pain that so many people have suffered is almost unbearable. Though darkness reigned through abuse (physical, sexual, emotional), shame, and fear…God created a beautiful story of redemption. And the fullness of his redemption brings completely wholeness and freedom. That which was stolen, disregarded, and damaged finds restoration, affirmation and value in the redemption of Christ.

It’s not just a Bible story and it’s not just for Sunday morning. It is the powerful work of God to give good gifts to his kids. The gift of love. The gift of a good life. The gift of joy and freedom. The gift of peace.

That is something to rejoice about and to sing at the top of our lungs!

We have good God, who loves passionately and relentlessly! His love transforms us and sets us free! Because he lovesme so wildly, never giving up on me…how could I ever stop loving him?

Hallelujah, amen.



It’s a love/hate relationship


In college, a friend asked me to be a part of an intimate community and it freaked me out. I thought it was weird that people would actually choose to be committed to people they weren’t related to or dating.  I was sure it would turn into Song of Solomon Bible studies and too-close-for-comfort conversations. So I said no.

Then I went on this trip called The World Race.  And I learned about true, authentic community. I wrote a blog about what it looked like to live in this community while on the Race. Even though I still had to make a choice to really ‘buy in’ to community, it was kind of already set up for me. I didn’t have much of a choice; my choice was to honor and love despite my circumstances and my teammates.

Today, I still live in community.

house-normalWe live in a cute house with a yellow door and wood floors.  The yellow door is always open and there are always people coming through.  But those of us who live together, do life together. And all the simple truths about community that I discovered on the Race are still true:

1. Forgive, forgive, forgive!  CHOOSE to forgive.
2. Don’t hold onto silly things…but talk it out.
3. Serve one another…putting others’ needs before your own.
4. Trusting the process that God has people in.
5. Honor each other…Outdo one another in showing honor!

This community is a true treasure.  But it is still a choice to live out each of these truths. In between laughs, we sometimes take it too far and hurt feelings.  We often give each other feedback and get vulnerable about our fears, anxieties and insecurities. Sometimes when it’s hard I think, why do I chose to live like this?  It would be so much easier to just live by myself and do my own thing. No one is forcing me to do this! But what has been produced from this choice and sacrifice (i’d call it sacrifice for introverts), is a richness and a strength of relationship that can’t be created overnight. There has been a trust and a loyalty that has been built that makes it all worth it.

We make meals together, we watch movies together, and we are usually laughing together.

I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love these weirdos.