Hot Mess

Hello, those of you out there in blog land.

I’m not really sure how many people read my blog.  I’m not sure if it’s just a place that I process and the world wide web gets a peak in, or if it’s a place with much purpose.  But I was looking back on my last 5 or 6 posts and it looks a lot like my process. And being in the place that I am in now, I feel as though I can’t just pick up where I left off.

I am realizing some things:

My process is ugly. and dirty. and messy. And those are the only words that can describe what the last three months have looked like for me.

It’s quite humbling, even embarrassing, to realize that I’m a mess or that I don’t know everything. Weird, right?

I am absolutely floored by the amount of grace that people have for me.

I am so in love with the presence of God. And nothing can compare to those moments when I feel him most, when I see a little bit deeper into the great love he has for me. Everything in me has to bow so low because I don’t even know how to receive such goodness.

So to those of you who have walked with me, cried with me, and listened to ALL my processing…thank you.

And thank God that there is so much more to be written.

and just because…look at the cutest baby girl in the world, miss taryn kate



8 thoughts on “Hot Mess

  1. I freaking love hearing you process. You have an amazing heart and we are ALL just trying to figure out our place in God’s great plan! I miss you deeply!!!!!

  2. Everyone is a mess in some way or other! just few speak of it so publicly… you are NOT alone and you are not that much of a mess.

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