First Quarter: Over

Last week was my 26th birthday. One quarter down…many more to go!


While we were eating dinner, my friends asked me to share what I had learned this last year. What a loaded question! But as I looked back, I realized that I have learned A LOT! This last year has been hard…and some serious lessons have been gained in the process.

Here are a few of things I remembered…

1. I learned how to have peace in stormy and uncertain circumstances

2. I learned that God is my only father and my only firm foundation

3. I learned how to really believe in something and speak boldly about it

4. I learned how to have healthy friendships with men and live in clarity rather than confusion

5. I learned that I really can do anything the Lord asks of me..NOTHING is too difficult

I can only look back on this year with such gratitude and joy. I live a good life and I’m excited to move onto the SECOND quarter…here we go!


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