Practice what you preach!

I didn’t think it could get better. I seem to keep being surprised by what God can do!

This last week with H squad filled me with more joy than I thought possible. Once again, I’ve never felt more honored by a group of people. Some older than me, some younger…but all of them full of the Spirit and eager to serve the King. I truly believe they are so active in the kingdom. They are doing the thing. You can talk with them, worship with them, pray with them and you are literally seeing eternity.

I cannot express the love in my heart for them.

While I was with them, we talked about character and sacrifice.  We talked about staying true to who we are as sons and daughters of a King. We talked about walking confidently in our royalty and our identity so that wherever we are, the Kingdom of God would invade that space.

After teaching about integrity and honor all week, I had a moment of conviction on the plane from Nairobi to Amsterdam.

I accidentally packed my socks in my checked luggage and was wearing flip flops. Brilliant. My feet are ALWAYS cold. So on the plane it wasn’t so bad because I had the airplane blanket to keep my feet warm. When we were about to land though, I realized that I had an 8 hour layover in Amsterdam, I was exhausted, and its always freezing in that airport.

So my first thought seemed like my only option. I could just take the blanket from the plane. I know that most airlines want you to leave them in the plane, but people take blankets all the time so what’s the big deal?! I folded it up as we made our decent and put it in my carry on bag. The French woman sitting next to me gave a me a suspicious look. She didn’t have to speak English for me to know what she was thinking.

Then I started to think…
Why was that my ONLY option? Was my comfort so important that I would compromise my values and my character? It was really easy to at first! But then I remembered all that I had been talking about the last week, and it stopped me.

So then I made up my mind NOT to take the blanket and instead pray. I told the Lord that I was sorry and that my ability to sleep and keep my feet warm were not worth sacrificing my integrity. I got the the KLM lounge trying not to think about my cold feet  while I waited 8 hours…

3 hours in and exhausted, I finally walked to a shop and spent too much money on some warm comfy socks. The next five hours weren’t bad; I did sleep and I got some coffee. Clearly, I didn’t suffer too much.

I hope that the next time I am uncomfortable, I will be true to who I am and not be so quick to accommodate my flesh at the cost of my character. Lesson learned. Thanks God, for making sure that I practice what I preach.

The Lord used my time with H squad to bless me, convict me, humble me, and take me deeper. And my cup overflows. This is the same revelation I get over and over, but it has hit me again:

Life just keeps getting better! From glory to glory!
Here we come!


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