3 Years Later…

Three years ago today I left for The World Race.

October 5, 2009.


People around Adventures in Missions talk a lot about this three-year process. They talk about the discipleship that takes place and the empowerment gained. This idea comes from the amount of time that Jesus did ministry on the earth. He started at 30 years of age and three years later, he was executed. In those three years, he led his twelve disciples into a life of ministry that they never expected to live. And so our process of discipleship into empowerment and calling takes about three years.

Well, I’ve been thinking about this. And I haven’t come to a clear conclusion.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that I have grown in the last three years. I am not the same person. But I also think that I have been a little sheltered. I’ve been safe.

However, the word ‘safe’ can mean different things to different people…

I haven’t necessarily been comfortable. I did not expect to stay with The World Race this long but I’m confident that I have obeyed the Lord each step of the way. Clearly, I haven’t always known what it was going to look like and God definitely HAD to show up on many occasions! But many of my friends have taken the leap and stepped out into an unknown land by themselves, and God met them too…in the lonely, hard, frustrating places.

Overall my journey has been pretty safe.

Safe in the sense that I have been around people who really get me. This WR culture that I am so accustomed to hasn’t really been challenged. I don’t know many people who think VERY differently than me. I guess you could say, I lack a little diversity in my life.

I see both sides to this whole three year process. I see how it has grounded me and created a confidence in me. It has nurtured my process in identity. But I also see how it has secluded me somewhat. I am beginning to see my need for more.  I am beginning to believe and crave the bigger picture.

I’m thankful for The World Race. And I am thankful for Adventures in Missions. They have drastically changed my life in the last three years. But I am also thankful that it doesn’t end there. I am so glad that God is so much bigger and has even greater plans ahead. I don’t know when God will tell me to move on from my job, but I am recognizing my need to move on from The World Race and meet new people and have more to my life than what I have known for the last three years.

So what I have settled on is this: all you can do is obey the Lord and follow him fully. I’m not sure if three years is significant, but after three years with The World Race, I feel empowered to do something. 

What do you guys (all who read this…) think?


9 thoughts on “3 Years Later…

  1. as we discussed…………………and you’ll know what it is when it is…. just “be still and wait”

    love to you while you do. ginny

  2. WOW I cannot believe it’s been 3 years since you left for your race! Time flies!!
    I fully trust that God won’t let you miss the doors that he is flinging wide open for you… or that he will leave you hanging! No journey is in vain so just make the most of your time where you are for this moment and trust that if your heart desires more, that God will grant you that!!
    Love you!

  3. There is so much out there. I see you stepping into new lands, territories. Horizons being expanded. There’s much out there and probably a lot with your name on it. Probably wont be easy always, but in the end-good and worth it.

  4. Girl, you were by far my favorite squad leader. Wait can I say that when I am leading with one of the others? Oh well it just happened! 🙂 Basically, holy guacomole I am so glad that you followed the Lord in this and squad led my squad and poured out everything you had to give, because I am 100% who I am today because of it. I know our journeys are different but I’m coming to the end of 2 years doing this thing and I feel the need to move onto more and be uncomfortable in a whole new way. Chapters close, and though I owe a big part of my growth to this process the World Race has had me on it’s not the end. Praise God, cause that would suck! And what better then to step out completely on faith and trust in the promises the Lord has given you along the way. Cause hell yeah I’m ready to jump!! From glory to glory, step into the new glory girl, cause it is going to shape you even more. No more safe!

  5. I know exactly how you feel! It was right at about three years for me when I felt a shift in my Spirit for the next thing. It is scary to move on and leave the comfort of having your WR family around all the time. But, just trust that Gid speaks to you and you will know when the time is right and the direction you should go! I love you – I am so proud of you – and I miss you sooooooo much!!!

  6. … and by the way… the possibilities are endless and i cannot wait to see the rest of this amazing journey of yours unfold!

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