I found some great notecards in the dollar spot at Michael’s one day.  On the front there was a picture of an old vintage-looking suitcase and beneath it was the word, ADVENTURE.

I ended up giving the notecards to my roommate, but kept one for my journal.  I was finishing up this journal and needed something to end it well.  I have a belief that my journals often represent seasons in my life, so when I end one or start a new one, I like to find the symbolism in the season.

I took an ADVENTURE notecard and decided to write whatever the Lord would speak to me about the closing out of that season.  This was around the end of June.  I pasted it on the last page, closed the journal, and moved onto a new one.

Tonight I felt compelled to pick up this old journal and read that little note from God.  I had forgotten that I had even done that…(I might have terrible short term memory).  What he had told me blew me away.  And spoke to me more now then it did then.  This is what he said:


never lose sight of the adventure, the risks, the things that make life full and exciting.  from this season, take with you courage.  take with you character.  i’m doing a new thing and you can only afford to bring the essentials.  do not carry what you don’t need.  don’t pack what only adds weight, but sort out the treasures birthed in this last season. dig deep to find them and bring them with you. don’t move on without them; you will need them. squeeze every ounce out of this season, but when it’s time to leave – be ready to say goodbye. and follow me into the wind.

~your beloved


2 thoughts on “adventure

  1. I remember at the end of the year that I co-led a bible study with IV where Steven had us do this, then put them in the mail a few weeks before the next school year started. I didn\’t remember writing that letter, either. When I read it, though, I burst into tears because of how comforting it was and how much truth it spoke – I was going through some hard stuff at the time, and really needed what God had given me to say to myself at that time.

    One of the things I love about God is how he’s so good to give us the words we need as we need them – in this case, in letters to ourselves to be read at some point in the future.

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