Buck Up!

“This is all I keep hearing and thinking, but now I wonder…how do I do that?  It must be something supernatural.  It must be smothered in grace.” – my last blog post

This is what I said in my last blog about living fully in the moment.  Not rushing onto the next thing.  Not being overwhelmed with the current problem.  But living and enjoying the moment in front of you.

Since then, I realized something.

It’s not so supernatural.  It’s really just a choice.

I was talking with a very wise woman the other day, who I am lucky to glean from, the wonderful Caroline Crawford.  And we were talking along these lines and she said something so profound.  

“There comes a point that you just have to BUCK UP.  That’s what adults do.  Children pitch a fit, adults deal with it and walk through it.” (I’m paraphrasing a little)

Urban Dictionary defines the phrase ‘Buck Up’ as:  To rise to a challenge, to do something others are unable to.

God, I love that.  That is the kinda stuff that challenges me and starts a fire inside of me.  That is the kind of thing that drives me to be better and to make it.  Because most of the time, I do act like a child, throwing my temper tantrums.

It’s a choice to grow up, buck up and move through life.  It’s a choice to not throw temper tantrums like we are two years old.  It’s a choice to hold my head up and smile.  It’s a choice to open my eyes, and see all that is around me as blessing.

And it’s not always easy.

I think that too often, it is shoved onto God to open our eyes and get through seasons well.  And while we need him, because he sustains our very being, it really is about our choice.

Will we take what is in front of us and steward it well?  No matter what it might be that is placed before us…?  Or will we cry the whole way, kicking and screaming, claiming that ‘it’s just not fair!’.  And then never gaining the thing that was hidden for us in that hard season…

I definitely don’t have this figured out.  I am just in the thick of it, at the crossroads where I have a choice.  And in the fullness of God’s grace, I have been empowered to make that choice.  I guess this is growing up.

Just something to think about.


3 thoughts on “Buck Up!

  1. Welp, decided to subscribe to your blog…i mean, it’s probably great! And good blog. It’s so true. Simple yet profound truth. 🙂

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