I should write a blog…

I find myself saying this a lot lately.  I should also update people with my life.  I should process all that has been happening.  I should figure out how to express all that I am feeling.

All of these things, I should do.  But somehow I keep avoiding them.

Everyday is a surprise as to which emotion I will feel and as to what I will think about my life and my future.  But I’ve learned not to trust my emotions.  I’ve learned to not put too much weight into my feelings.

Some people might say, that makes me a Thinker.  And while I am very black/white and I prefer definition to ambiguity, it’s definitely not natural for me to use my brain over my feelings.  It’s also not natural for me to not be tossed around by the waves of life.  But I have learned and am learning.

Wisdom and maturity is learned behavior.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  But we make mistakes and we do it right sometimes, and we learn.

Years down the road, I hope to look back on this season of my life with The World Race with pleasure.  I hope to have sweet memories of gained insights, significant failures and victories, and deep friendships.

I hope to gain all that I can in this season, whatever the circumstance and whatever the emotion.  May I embrace it all for the sake of what I can learn.  And for the sake of maturity and character.


4 thoughts on “I should write a blog…

  1. Shoot… as one “feeler” to another, I definitely understand trying to press pause on the emotions so you can objectively sort out life. At the same time, we can’t avoid tapping into our very real emotions. Life is a constant balancing act where you step off to the left and right, but eventually get back up on the balancing beam. Love you friend.

  2. Bethany I love your heart and how you always share so honestly where you are at. Thanks for being an encouragement to me! I love you!

  3. I totally agree with you. Even though I’m a writer and it’s easy to write everything you experience, see and deal with but processing your emotions and writing them for the world to read, isin’t usually ideal on a blog when it’s better for you to embrace for yourself privately to help us mature. Especially between you and God. But there are some things we should share to encourage, grow and give others a chance to see what you’ve see that are meaningful, inspirational and insightful.

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