Jesus Candle…evil?

Someone just told me that my ‘Sagrado Corazon de Jesus’ candle on my desk was pagan because of the picture of Jesus, which supposedly represents some pagan/demonic thing.

I didn’t get it.  I always thought Jesus was just pointing because he was giving some great wisdom or something, not because of some pagan explanation that I don’t understand.

OK, this is me getting on my soapbox:  I don’t care about the stupid devil.

I believe that it is beneficial and essential to be aware of spiritual warfare.  But really, what do we need to know?  I know that the devil sucks and that he is a liar.  Absolutely no truth comes from him.  But most importantly, I know that we have a GOD who is bigger, FULL of truth.  In whom, all good and perfect things are found.  Not to mention, our God has already defeated and conquered our enemies.

I used to be all about knowing all there is to know about spiritual warfare so that I could be wise and not be deceived.  You know, make sure that I didn’t have a dreamcatcher over my bed and that all the Kachina dolls in my parent’s southwestern home were anointed with oil.

If I would have known about this Dollar Store Jesus candle back then, I probably would have thrown it out and make sure everyone knew it was evil!  I know, it sounds ridiculous, but I’m somewhat zealous.

I have to give myself grace to where I have been at in my process. 

But when I thought like this,what ended up happening was that I gave more attention and more glory to my enemy, then to the one who delivers me and crushes this enemy under my feet.

Now, I’ve decided that I couldn’t care less about the devil.  His goal is to invoke fear, and to exalt himself.  I’m not going to do him any more favors.

And so I am not so worried about having a picture hanging up that might have been used in pagan rituals.  I’m not concerned with people talking about karma or energy or other types of spirituality.

Too often we take other religions and beliefs, and for whatever reason we become afraid.             […afraid of not being in control, afraid of not being right, afraid of being tormented by evil…]

Then we demonize the people practicing these things.  And this causes us to forget that in fact they are human beings.  We turn them into objects of deception rather than sons and daughters who have been led astray.  The truth of the matter is that I am secure in the light.  I don’t have to be afraid of the darkness or those who find themselves in midst of the darkness.  And actually, the light always wins over the darkness.

I am not at all saying that I am not susceptible to lies or that I cannot be deceived.  By no means do I have the strength in myself to overcome darkness.  Every day is a battle.  But I am seated in heavenly places, with authority and inheritance that the darkness cannot touch.  Because the one who lives in unapproachable light and who is greater has brought me into that kingdom of light.  And not only that, but he has called me a child of light.  his child.

I guess my point in all of this is that I am going to turn my focus to the only one worth my attention.  To the one who has written and finished my faith.  Not to the evil symbol on my Sagrado Corazon de Jesus candle.  It’s not worth my energy.  I’d rather think about, dwell on and praise God for his goodness and sovereignty.  And I’d rather love and value people for who they are and not for where they find themselves within spirituality.

And if they ever find themselves trapped, confused, tormented…I know someone who delivers.  And I know someone who sets people free by the power of truth.  I know a LIGHT that can expel the darkness that seems to be too difficult to bear.

But for now, I am going to love.


11 thoughts on “Jesus Candle…evil?

  1. Two things:
    #1: I just love this so freakin much!! There used to be someone in my life who was always telling me how evil certain things were…like yoga or meditating. And I thought it was so ridiculous since I would never even give a thought to using those things as worship for another god. It’s all about your heart and what you let in- and yeah, fearing that your actions or belongings give glory to the devil, gives glory to the devil!! I love you and reading this made me feel like you were sitting on my couch going on one of your rants, which are always my favorite!
    #2: Your desk is a mess, girl! Haha! I heart your right-brainededness.

  2. You nailed it ! I’m pretty sure that would be the Apostle Paul’s take today – the whole “meat offered to idols” bit. Great post

  3. i totally used to be one of those people who wouldn’t do yoga. Now I do it at the YMCA and I’m obsessed with it! I find myself praying in tongues during the meditation. Ha!

    also…i love that you love my right-brainededness…but don’t be hating on my desk! I know where everything is! haha.

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