what the FLOP?!

So, I have a confession.  The purchase project has been an epic FLOP.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s a great idea…just not for me.  I could go into all different sorts of justifications and maybe even try to sound profound or super spiritual, but the truth is, it’s just not my thing.

Now, I did put some thought into this before I decided to 86 the project.

1.  I’m not bailing on a commitment to God – he never actually told me to do this…I restricted myself for some masochistic reason.

2.  I hardly ever buy things for myself anyway, so who cares if I buy two things one month and one thing another?

3.  I believe that I need to learn the art of discipline, clearly…but I should probably start smaller.  Why I chose to start with a whole year of discipline is beyond me!

4.  I am still passionate about discovering that which is most valuable in life…and I have already seen that materials are not really my issue.  More often, relationships or lack thereof, take up more of my God-deserved energy and attention than any materialistic thing.

So maybe I need a man project

where I stop creating, designing,

and looking for the perfect man.  Eh.




I am however, always finding creative ways to continue giving.  And this past month I gave to an incredible woman, Joy Robertson.  I have had the incredible privilege to watch her grow and blossom into a fiery, stunning, godly woman and now she is heading to Sudan.  So I could barely help myself when I had the opportunity to support her and give to the calling that God has put before her.

As for the purchases…I’m not going crazy and throwing my money around.  Promise.  But didn’t think that many people care what I buy, it’s really not that exciting.

So let’s drink a toast to all those New Year’s resolutions that have turned out to be FLOPS!  …that is, unless your resolution was to stop drinking.  In that case, raise your glass of grape juice.



3 thoughts on “what the FLOP?!

  1. ohmygosh…the skeleton waiting for the perfect man made me laugh out loud!! I love you! And I don’t think it will be THAT long! Also, I’m super proud of you. You tried something that was really hard. You made a resolution and whether or not you kept it, you took away from it the most important thing…to seek God’s counsel in your giving. That’s amazing!! And better than people like me who didn’t make resolutions at all 😉 LOVE you!

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