resolutions to provoke discovery

Back in October I had this idea…about simplifying my life.

It’s not an original idea.

But I want to be less dependent on materials and appearances for my identity and definition.  And more confident and rooted in who I am in my personhood and spirit.  We, as women, can easily start valuing ourselves based on a completely unrealistic measuring system that Western society throws at us.  And the measurement used is so incompatible with that which is actually being measured that we start to lose sight of what is truly valuable.

If we want to know our value, our worth…why measure ourselves up against something that really only measures the external qualities?  I want to know the value of the core.  the value of character.  the value of strength, dignity and honor.

And so simplifying my life:  to discover, to reveal, to uncover – true value and worth of a human being.

FIRST… I cut my hair.  It was mostly to represent the new season of life that I am walking into.  But I had to remind myself a couple times, “My hair doesn’t define me, my hair doesn’t define me!”

before & after

SECOND…I made a resolution.

I got the idea from my roommate’s friend, whom I have not met but thoroughly enjoyed her blog and feel as though we’re great friends…kinda creepy, I know.  But I was inspired by a project that she did back in August 2010.  She called it the purchase project.

And so for 2012, I am going to also do the Purchase Project…with my own little spin on it.

For each month in 2012, I am only going to buy ONE new item for myself.  

This includes:  clothing, accessories, music, books, non-necessities, luxuries (massages, pedicures, etc.)

This does NOT include: restaurants (i’ll tackle this one in 2013), groceries, gifts, items bought with gift cards (like iTunes), and necessities.

I am also going to find a new place/ministry/person each month to donate to.

And to hold me accountable, I am going to blog about it!  So all my lovely readers can challenge and encourage me to actually complete a new year’s resolution for once in my life!  So each month, I will write about the one item I chose to purchase for myself and also share information about where I have decided to give my money that month.  I am excited about this because it will give me an opportunity to recognize how little I really need and also expand my network for stewardship of what God has already provided for me to give away.

I hope that you will follow me on this new journey and I hope that I will be able to share with you what I learn and all that God speaks to me through this project.

It’s 3 days into 2012 and I haven’t bought my first purchase yet.  I also haven’t decided on where I will donate to in January.

And so I am looking forward to write my first Purchase Project Blog!


9 thoughts on “resolutions to provoke discovery

  1. So awesome to see the Purchase Project torch being carried on! Giving is absolutely the most fun part of the experience, enjoy it 🙂 If you need any giving ideas let me know.

  2. I cut my hair. It was mostly to represent the new season of life that I am walking into. But I had to remind myself a couple times, “My hair doesn’t define me, my hair doesn’t define me!” – I LOVE that!

    A couple of years ago I dated this guy that told me that he wouldn’t find me as attractive if I had short hair. A week later I cut all my hair off. A week after that we broke up.

    I grew my hair back out,but it was for me and not for some chotch.

    You’re so cool. I’m excited to read about your purchase challenge!

  3. THIS is awesome! I’m not spending money on myself for 3 months and instead on others and giving…but I think I like this idea better. I might switch over come April. Your blogs are always so refreshing to my soul. Love you!

  4. Bethany, Awesome….Love you and remember how loved and treasured you are. Look forward to reading your blogs…

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